In English

Hello, I am a white witch,

my witch name is White feather Mary
I use white magic to do you good.
I create enchanted objects or drawings, on request.
I can also give you magic help.

Magic drawings

Hello, I am a white witch

I offer you drawings, enchanted, to print, on request

They will bring you good things, for example luck, joy, attracted love, friendship etc. or anything related to your request.

The drawing can be done with or without special request.

-> contact me at

for a drawing request
contact me at

Examples of magic drawings:

Enchanted objects

I can also enchant objects as you can see on this site: link

Postcards, pens etc.

Large choice of possible objects. For all orders:
-> contact me at; I will tell you if your request is possible

Or if you are looking for help

I am a white witch, I help people with white magic, beneficial magic.
If you are looking for help contact me at